Postgraduate courses on selected topics of Human Pathology are organized on a residential basis by the Institute of Pathology of Ioannina University Medical School of Greece.

The aim of the courses is to bring together young Pathologists and Tutors experts in the various fields of Pathology, as well as to encourage active participation of all colleagues during the discussions following the lectures, and the slide seminars, providing an in-depth review of Diagnostic Surgical Pathology. There will be an emphasis on morphologic features, newly recognized entities and modern techniques. A limited number of didactic lectures given by established and distinguished investigators will cover each topic theoretically. Two courses a year have been planned in mid May, one after another.

The duration of each course is approximately 2 days (-/+ 13 credit hours). Each course has been designed for 30-35 Pathologists and Clinical Colleagues related to the subject. A brief curriculum vitae stating particular experience or interest in the topic of the course will be appreciated for the preparation of the final list of participants.

Diplomas are given for regular attendance only.

Knowledge of ENGLISH is required.

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