December 2015

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Table of Contents


Editorial - Efstathios N Stathopoulos (pp.1-2)


Carcinomas with Lymphoid Stroma within the Gastrointestinal Tract: Histology and Molecular Pathology - Nicole Max, Gieri Cathomas, Cord Langner (pp.3-18)

The Roles of Lipoproteins, Diet, and Peripheral Macrophages in Atherosclerotic Disease - Harry C Blair, Dionysios J Papachristou, Irina Tourkova, Lisa J Robinson, Jorge Sepulveda (pp.19-40)

Prognostic impact of progesterone receptor expression in HER2-negative Luminal B breast cancer - Tímea Selmeci, Anna-Mária Tőkés, Ágnes Róna, Béla Ákos Molnár, István Kenessey, Borbála Székely, Lilla Madaras, A. Marcell Szász, Janina Kulka (pp.41-49)