Pulmonary Pathology - Survey

Λάβαμε και σας ενημερώνουμε

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

On behalf of the WG of the Pulmonary Pathology of the European Society, we would like to invite you to participate to a survey. This survey focuses on the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic in our laboratories. More notably we will send you a complete questioner with different items concerning mainly, i) the (re) organization of your lab during the crisis, ii) your biosafety procedures, and, iii) the impact on different activities. We would like to make a comparison before and during this crisis and thus compare some indicators during the period occurring between the first of March 2019 and the 30th of April 2019 and the first of March 2020 and the 30th April 2020.

Moreover part of the questioner will concern the near future and how the current crisis could change different practices in your lab. This survey will concern Clinical Pathology/Cytology field but also Molecular Pathology (including liquid biopsy if any) and Biobanking domains if possible.

We would like to involve as much as possible pathology laboratories of your country. We believe that this survey could help to have a practical point of view of what’s going on in our laboratories during the pandemic crisis and to optimize our daily practice from now and in the next months.

Moreover, the results of the survey will serve to draft as soon as possible a manuscript involving all the participants of this survey and to be submit before the end of the summer. We believe that we need to move quickly in this project to show to other parts of the world what is the current situation in our laboratories in Europe, notably when working in thoracic pathology.

Thank you very much for your participation We do hope that everybody is safe as well as all your family and friends and please stay healthy and take care


Warmest regards

Paul Hofman, hofman.p@chu-nice.fr 

Fiorella Calabrese, fiorella.calabrese@unipd.it 


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